Norman Hall Red Cross Hospital during World War One

In September 1914 Fred Godfrey granted the Red Cross use of Norman Hall and the Conservative Club granted the use of their adjacent property (now the Social Club) as a hospital. The Hall was fitted with 11 beds and the Club with 9 beds. The first wounded (Belgian soldiers) arrived in November 1914. The hospital closed on 18 January 1919. Mrs Gertrude Bowen, was the Commandant and many villagers and local people volunteered their services. We have several photos and postcards of staff and soldiers at the hospital (B references). In January 2016, 2 photograph albums and a few postcards came up for auction on eBay and were purchased with the generous help of Julian and Caroline Owen. One postcard is addressed to Miss N Wilkes. Red Cross records show that Miss Ann (Nancy) Wilkes of Saffron Walden was a volunteer nurse at the hospital from 5 November 1914 to 1 July 1916, later working in France and at Red Cross HQ. Photos (which appear to have been taken in 1915) and postcard