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Update: 06Dec19 19:45

Joe Bibby's Former Caravan 2011

Joe Bibby bought this 1948 Ashton wagon from a showman in Yorkshire, a Mr Pell and lived in it at Ickleton. The kitchen was painted white and he put in the fireplaces one of which was a cooking range (a diamond Esse), the other a parkray fire. He tiled around the sink. It was a good dry clean wagon and it travelled with him, pulled by a lorry, to shows. It was sound when he bought it apart from the roof which he repaired - calico first, stretched over woodwork, then canvas and white lead paint which sealed it. It remained in perfect order till he sold it to 2 brothers. The new owners are going to restore it back to how it should of been. They struggled for a few years to find any information on this van but then found Joe Bibby's details on the back of a drawer. They then found our web site and contacted us and, through us, Joe Bibby. When they began work in the van, they found a coin, dated 1948 which they are going to hang up in the van once it is finished as a good luck cha