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Update: 17Jun20 20:50

D265 - Burial Register

The register records all burials in Ickleton's Brookhampton Street cemetery since its opening in 1884. It consists of about 105 pages and includes some 800 names. Each entry details: age at death occupation, parish where death occurred location of grave name of person who performed funeral ceremony There is a plan detailing the location of graves and much smaller and searchable transcripts of the entire register kindly provided by Mark Taylor of Melbourne, Australia. If looking for a particular name, you may find it easiest to locate it in the transcript and using the date, find the original entry in the Burials Book. Sadly, in July 2012, a number of metal gravestones were stolen. They were for: Josiah & Ann Stubbings George Jay Anne & William Stubbings Lydia Creek Amelia Turner Richard Crissell NB - REGISTER PDFS ARE LARGE & MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO LOAD!